new pattern in embryonic form: dna

i have convinced my crabby son to try a sweater vest, by describing it as "a sweater with no sleeves." that's an idea he could appreciate!

starting with the top-down seamless vest tutorial, i thought i'd dress it up with a cable or something - and then got the idea that my science-minded kid might appreciate some dna!

(this may be the closest i get to anything cronenberg-inspired.)

so far, i am not super excited with how it's taking shape, so i'm going to rip back and re-work with strands 2 sts wide instead of 1. some other changes too. think i'll make it narrower.

luckily, it is going pretty quickly, so i am certain i will have it done in time for the event for which it is intended - a memorial service at the end of the month, outdoors (in a heated tent), north of montreal.

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