what i did on my summer vacation day one: mighty oaks & pancakes

just back from the cottage! where we had a lovely time indeed, cooking, crafting, and just relaxing.

i'm always the first up, so i got in the habit of sitting on the porch, watching the sun rise over the lake, and knitting. i started a hooded baby cardigan before we left the city, hoping to get it done in time for the fair. here's how it looked monday morning:

you can see the pattern taking shape! then the troops roused themselves, and it was time to make pancakes.

we made a quick trip to the farm stalls to pick up food for the week, and then a trip into town to get some baking supplies - for bread, pie, cakes, cookies... you name it! peaches are in season here, so we got a basket to make pie. yum. after a big roast chicken dinner though, we were too full for dessert.

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