and the living is busy! i have been completely ignoring this blog basically since i took on a new project at work. suddenly there is no time for anything!

but since we have entered the season of wonderful fresh local produce, i have found time for things like making cherry pie and lemonade for lunch:

also, our cottage week is coming up soon, and that means the fenelon fair! and that means, get crafting.

i have a couple of things that i got done over the course of the year that just need tagging. unfortunately, i also need to find sample materials (scraps of yarn or fabric) to attach to the tags. i feel like i am swimming in scraps, but do you think i can find a scrap of scissors fabric? grr.

i do have a back-up "any clothing article (sewn)" to submit - this pencil skirt i am working on:

just needs to be hemmed and pressed. but i feel like a shirt is more impressive (it's certainly more work!)

i'm also working on a hooded baby cardigan, but i needed to order needles for it, and then this happened:

sad! fortunately i ordered from webs, and they said they'd send out a new set right away! just hope they arrive before we leave for the cottage.

i've also used the fair as a good excuse to get the kid's traditional xmas eve pyjamas done:

well, almost done, i need to do button holes and some top-stitching. i also made some pyjama bottoms for me:

i love this fabric! only problem is, the fair category is "ladies sleep pants," which is great because the bottoms are much less work than the tops, but it also means i have the top half of the pyjamas i started last year, still pinned but not sewn. i think the top half of the pyjama bottoms from 2013 haven't even been cut yet. oops.

wondering what i should bring along with me to work on at the cottage. mittens for the kid's teacher? a tea towel to embroider? the big project i'll be working on is this raft, so i may not have time for much else.

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