Linnen - nice, but oh you kid!

About a zillion years ago, my mum picked up some navy blue Scheepjes Linnen from a thrift shop - 10 balls! More than enough for a sweater. I actually thought I had rethrifted it myself, but it turned up the other day (a sign I have way too much stuff!) so I thought I'd cast something on.

I was thinking a sleeveless shell with a scarf collar, almost a middy look. To go with my grey linen trousers, for a 1930s beach/sailor/Deauville look.

Well, I think I know why this yarn got thrifted.

I really like the feel of the fabric, but it is not friendly to work with!

Being a cotton/linen blend, it has none of the sproinginess of wool. Being dark, it's hard to see the stitches. being slubby, it is extra-hard to see the stitches. And being splitty, it is easy to put your needle in the wrong place.

Still, I think this is going to be awesome when it's done.

And the leftovers will likely get thrifted again, after all these years.

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