things are getting done!

i feel like i am finally getting productive around here!

first, i planted some seeds, and they are almost all sprouted!

unfortunately this means i have to thin them out. which is my least favourite thing. i want them all to live! which they won't if i don't thin them out. cognitive dissonance. whatever.

i also have some sharp navy twill that i was thinking would make a pair of capris and a sweet little jacket, something betty draper-ish, along these lines:

after looking at all kinds of patterns online, i finally dug into my own stash and found this:

perfect! i also found this, which looks cheesey:

but with a couple of alterations (adding a high waist, and nipping in the back darts for a better fit), i have some awesome linen trousers. i just need to get some buttons.

and i also finished another long-awaited but super small/easy project - sewing up the pockets on these capris, as they are too small to use, and gape open awkwardly. hoping these look more tailored now!

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