cardigan done!


i am really pleased with how it turned out. love the neckline, and the waist shaping.

i do wish the sleeves were maybe 3/4" longer. and if you look closely, you'll notice the bottom button is missing, because i could only find six (i'm sure i have more of these somewhere!). but i wanted to wear it, so i'm calling it done!

i also finally finished another silly project. i made a pair of farinelli gloves out of shibui sock, and destashed the leftovers during last year's purge. set them aside for the summer, waiting for glove weather. then the fall came, i tried them on, and realised... one thumb was shorter than the other! too short! how on earth did i do that? and i had already gotten rid of the rest of the shibui.

fortunately, i had entered them in the fenelon fair, so i knew i had at least a scrap of yarn somewhere, as you need to attach samples of materials. but where? over the past however-many months, i have variously had my hands on the scrap or the gloves, but never both at the same time. today i finally had both!

but couldn't find my 2mm dpns!

knowing it was a tiny amount of knitting, and that the needles would turn up as soon as they were no longer needed, i decided to get creative and break out the toothpicks.

annoying, but it worked in a pinch. and i found the missing dpns right after (and put them away properly in my needle roll).

also managed to complete another dishcloth for the ontario food bank dishcloth-along.

finally, i pulled out the mystery yarn (i have way more than i thought!) that my brother-in-law gave me for a birthday present, and started a little something.

does anyone recognize this yarn?

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