holiday crunch time!

the end of december is almost here, and we haven't even sent out our cards yet, yikes!

but at least i got a pair of mittens made for the kid's teacher:

and volunteered in his class this morning making gingerbread houses (actually from graham wafers):

then i had to rush home to finish decorating 75 cupcakes. every year, i volunteer to bake cupcakes for one organization or another for their holiday party - this year it was for youth without shelter.

not even halfway through, my piping bag exploded! whoops.

this is why we always make extras! i added extra sprinkles to make up for the less-than perfect icing job.

i made a bunch of chocolate ones, too!


holiday madness!

getting ready for our holiday party tomorrow! baking baking baking. and cleaning. and organizing. ugh. thankfully, we have the best christmas recod ever: the tijuana trumpets "tijuana christmas party." it was repackaged with different cover art and artist names for sale - so i once accidentally bought a second copy of the same record. i gave it to a friend, who was eternally grateful! tijuana christmas party