cardigan season has arrived!

cardigan season is here at last! it's a great time of year to be a knitter.

one cardigan i am happily getting a lot of wear out of is my maple leaf forever cardigan. can't believe how long it took me to get around to starting this one. i am making up for lost time now!

also getting a lot of wear out of the double-leaf saroyan in re-dyed merino et soie. love this scarf.

i have plans for the leftover dye, too. the raspberry pink baby alpaca/silk blend that's been collecting dust for nigh on a decade? that orange cashmere pullover that is so very soft and so very orange? hmm...

also in the spirit of the season, there has been baking going on.

there have been snickerdoodles, and wowbutter cookies, and there is pastry resting in the fridge, just waiting to be a pie. next up: the hallowe'en costume for the kid. he wants to be the hulk.

pardon the poor-quality photos, but if i wait to take the time to take decent ones, i'll never get around to posting anything!

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