the performance bonus chart

here's a little project i did on the weekend. in order to "inspire" the kiddo to mind his behaviour, we came up with "the performance bonus chart." his suggestion was to double his allowance if he did something nice. my suggestion was this.

it's made out of felt, stitched onto a cotton twill backing for stability. i added the tan borders to give it more of an old-time schoolroom feel. the dowel at the top keeps it from drooping. all of the materials - felt, fabric, velcro, thread, glue, dowel, eye screws, yarn, binder clip - were things i already had on hand. is that awesome, or just sad?

if he does something good, he gets a check. if he does something bad, he gets an x. at the end of the week, we add them up, subtract the x total from the check total, and he will get a quarter for every extra check.

the checks are just cut out of white felt, with a bit of velcro (the hook side) attached with fabric glue. here's a close-up of the back of an x:

i also have a few hearts and stars, just in case something amazing happens.

the extra checks etc. are in a ziploc behind the paper in the clip; the paper is to keep track of what he's saving for (inspiration!) and what each x or check is for (just a general note, not agonizing details). we'll see if he meets his goal on time.

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