pyjama party

boy, long while since i updated, work, sick kid, sick me, on and on. anyway.

all of a sudden, summer is almost here! and that means the kid's first time at sleepaway camp! he is pretty excited, and i am pretty anxious about getting him ready - remembering to take the batteries out of his hearing aids, mainly. and i have to label all of his clothes. and of course he needs new pyjamas, to celebrate.

a friend of mine told me about this campfire fabric after she saw it in california, and i knew i had to hunt it down. campfires! roasting marshmallows! what could be better for camp! kiddo is so excited to have new pyjamas, and doubly so because of the campfires and marshmallows. all that's left is to find the perfect buttons.

i've also cut & pinned the fabric for his xmas pyjamas. after the one horrible xmas when i was up till 4 o'clock in the morning sewing frantically, i make a point about getting them done early. also, the fenelon fair will be here soon!