the maple leaf forever!

i am pleased with my progress on this cardigan! the other day, a non-knitting neighbour was over, and i, excited, said, "look, you can see the pattern now! can you tell what it's supposed to be?" and he said,

"um, ah, oh, it's - it's a maple leaf! you are a knitting sorceress!"

which was pretty nice.

i've just joined the third skein of alpaca (the second one had a million breaks, hope this one is solid like the first) and finished the third leaf. about to start the neckline shaping and then the armscye shaping. i'm really quite surprised at how quickly this is going. when i was at the endless swatching and charting stage, it seemed like it would never get done. but now that i'm doing the actual knitting, it's pretty smooth sailing. and since i've got two other fingering-weight cardigans under my belt, it doesn't seem as daunting.

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