stashdown progress!

in keeping with this year's resolution of buying no new yarn & finishing off old projects, i've cast on with some yarn i've had for close to 20 years. i got it with the intention of making a twinset. i got as far as knitting a turtleneck shell, which i loved and wore to death. but i never cast on for the cardigan - until now.

that ribbing took forever! the idea is to have two panels of maple leaves going up the front. i thought i'd find a lace panel charted up eons ago for that - there are loads of antique lace panels floating around the internet, surely i'd find my maple leaves? strangely, it seems no one has ever done maples before, probably because they're a bit more complex (i.e. annoying) than the standard elm. anyway, i was on my own charting the leaves.

it took a few tries, but i think i've got it?

i used up most of a partial skein of patons dk superwash on the swatch. each leaf is a little different. i also toyed with purling the wrong-side rows, vs. reverse stockinette for the background.

after much futzing about and numerous obscurely-coded spreadsheets, i got back to real knitting. half-a-leaf done, not sure how many more to go.


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