argylette cardigan!

i set myself a goal for february: finishing off two sweaters that had been languishing in single-sleeve purgatory. one was a sweater that was an xmas present for my husband back in 2010 (eep!) the other was the argylette sweater i'd started for myself back in november and set aside over the holidays. both of these goals fit with my bigger goal for the year, which is not to buy yarn! or at least, not to buy yarn until we get closer to xmas gift season again.

(n.b.: please ignore the messy room. refinishing that vanity & replacing the mirror are also items on my eternal to-do list, which i hope to get to someday... along with removing the cheesey wallpaper border and painting the walls... sigh)

so pleased with this sweater!

i was getting antsy about fit, because i like things tailored, and then i worry that it will be too small (especially when people kept asking if it was for a child!), and i have been known to over compensate and make things a bit too big, and then be unhappy. so i am really glad this fits perfectly and looks just as i'd hoped!

here's a close-up of the pattern. will chart this up properly, i think. i love argyle!

i used 2-and-a-bit skeins of mad tosh merino light, in tart. i had a crush on this yarn for so very long, i treated myself last fall when i was in a slightly drug-induced post-op pity party. have 1-and-some left, to make a shell so i can have a twinset. yay.

and here's the sweater i finished up for my husband, a simple garter-rib pattern in briggs & little tuffy, which i also love, and which is kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum from madeline tosh! it only took a few days to finish that ruddy sleeve, and rip and re-knit the neckband which wasn't sitting properly. this pic was taken pre-blocking, which is why the sleeves look so different.

for comparison's sake, my cardigan dried overnight on the blocking boards, tg's has been there for days longer and is still a bit damp in the armpits!

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