the slow road

ok i totally overdid it friday, despite not leaving the house till 2:30 in the afternoon, taking the kid to the dentist, and then going for a little walk to distract him until it was ok for him to eat, and then going to our neighbourhood pumpkin contest (which turned out to involve standing in the cold for a full hour, blecch).

so, today i did not leave the house! and i intend to stay in all day tomorrow, too. then monday, it's back to work.

anyway today, in order to not feel like a complete blob, i picked up a sewing project i started ages ago: shirts. i cut out fabric for a total of five shirts in all, and so far only had one done. today i decided to tackle another. after all, it was already cut and pinned. all that was left to do was sew.

i'm so pleased with it!

the fabric is "geeky chic" by beryl tsang. it looks pretty awesome.

and i'm pretty happy about the pair of glasses lined up perfectly on the centre-back pleat.

and being home-made, it fits perfectly!

and works really well with my zig-zaggy cardigan. now i want my entire wardrobe to consist of shirts with french cuffs, and fingering-weight cardigans with three-quarter sleeves.

nice to spend a day slobbing around and feel productive at the same time. i got a whole pile of christmas cards addressed, too!

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