i did it! i really did it! i made puff pastry that puffed!

so glad that the day i spent yesterday has paid off so well. yum yum. the instructions i followed are here; i used a quarter of the pastry and got almost two dozen palmiers (21 nice ones, two blobby end bits that i baked anyway - probably could have had an even 2 dozen if i'd planned it).

the rest of the pastry will go for mushroom puffs or gambas en gabardinas or cheese straws.

here's the rolling process:

ready to go in the oven:

look how they puffed!

and look at that lovely burnt sugar! they were flaky and crunchy and oh so good. and i think they've all been polished off already...

while waiting for them to come out of the oven, i worked on a sweater:

then i put my fruitcakes in the oven:

also made some more cookie dough, for pecan crescents. next up, gingerbread dough. yay productive weekends!

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