so when i had my appendix out, i decided i needed a bit of pampering. which justified my indulgence in something long-coveted: madtosh in tart! the wait was forever (um, almost two weeks), but it finally came yesterday! i ended up getting the merino light. it's a little finer than expected, but that colour! so gorgeous!

and i'm almost finished this little picot shell in patons classic wool. i improvised it using the custom raglan generator, the webpage for which seems to be gone. glad i saved it! i may type it up with my revisions to share. we'll see.

i love how these colours work together, too. the madtosh will end up as a cardigan; i think the two pieces will work well together!

i hope to finish the shell and block it this afternoon - but first i need to bake a cake for my father-in-law's birthday tomorrow! and i need to wrap a present. and pick up printouts to make our xmas cards. and go out for brunch. busy day.

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