bedtime, finally.

i got a lot done this weekend considering i spent basically the whole thing playing at being a single mum! tg had a megaevent for work that took up friday and saturday both, so we basically went 48 hours without him. and then he came down with a man cold, 'nuff said.

still, i got my fruitcakes done!

i wrap them in a double-layer of parchment paper and then a double-layer of foil, leaving it openable at the top for "feeding" with a little booze. doesn't it look a bit like a crazy sunflower?

for posterity, here's the full to-do list for holiday baking:

i actually have quite a lot done! but still tons more to do. i have all of my doughs and pastry done though (oh wait not true, i need to make the pastry for the goat cheese tarts) and that's the messiest thing with clouds of flour and spills of molasses and whatnot. now that that's out of the way, i can focus on tidying and organizing and making the house festive, and then just have a massive bakefest in the days leading up to our fete.

it is also nice to know our party is basically done & paid for!

and, i'm well into the second ball of patons classic wool (had forgotten how nice it is to work with!) for my shell, and past the point of dividing off the sleeves and joining the torso. whee!

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