just noticed that i have gone a full month without a post... whoops.


i have been busy, as usual.

i have shirt #1 done, i've made cushion covers for the living room, grape jam and candied lemon peel, started a knitting project when i ran out of yarn for the cardigan i was working on, then the yarn came in so i'm back to getting that done.

and back to school mania etc., with the kiddo in various programs and all manner of extracurricular whatnot. went to mini maker faire, brief jaunt to ottawa, and on and on. busy month.


i am just starting a project that truly fits the official mandate of filmcraft: the kid's costume this hallowe'en is none other than peter venkman, ghostbuster par excellence.

i have discovered an immense cache of online ghostbuster lore, with endless project plans for accurate homemade replica proton packs and whatnot, and numerous sellers of supplies. it's crazy out there.

for this project, my stash helpfully includes a sewing pattern for a kid's jumpsuit (size 5, will need altering), which is an easy place to start. i have the guts of an old backpack to use as a base for the proton pack - which will be not so much authentic, as functional for the kiddo to use as a backpack after hallowe'en is over. i have fabric and a friday to get started with the elna supermatic.

meanwhile, i need to strategize my proton pack. i've looked at all the superelite plans with instructions on how to mold plastic and whatnot; some of those will provide inspiration, but the kids will be strictly sewing (and perhaps knitting - i can see i-cord being useful).

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