just a few pics from our busy weekend!

what a gorgeous weekend it was, blue skies and sunshine. made me want to be outside!

so i decided to pack up the elna supermatic and head outside to do some sewing. but first, i needed to harvest some grapes!

they are so sweet and lovely. also seedy, ah well. we have concords too, but they were ready earlier, and have already been made into jam!

with the grapes (and wasps) out of the way, i was able to set up for sewing. i finished my first shirt (in a lovely light turquoise, fabric i had somehow "misplaced" when i cut out the fabric for the other shirts-in-waiting, but which thankfully turned up), and three cushion covers for the living room!

well, two and a half. somehow i had fabric and piping and filler for three cushions, but only two zippers. how did i manage that? bah.

i am pleased with how well they match the afghan though (pattern via ravelry). i carried a scrap of the lett lopi around in my pocketbook for yonks before i finally found the right fabric. worth it!

then it was cookie time. i am turning into the sneaky protein lady. the other week it was black bean brownies; this time it's white bean chocolate chip cookies. after reading some tips and tricks i decided to just wing it anyway, and they turned out pretty tasty. there are a few tweaks i want to make to the recipe though. guess i'll have to bake more cookies to experiment!

oh, and i made candied lemon peel as well, have to get ready for making xmas fruitcake!

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