ghostbusters costume: starting to come together

there are a lot of details on the jumpsuit...

i can't include every detail. i just can't. i am putting 4 zippered pockets on this thing plus zips at the ankles. there should be at least two more zips from what i can tell in the photos. but you know what? you can scale down a lot of things, but you can't scale down zippers! they come in pretty much two sizes: heavy duty, and regular. i've already shortened the zips i have, using needle-nosed pliers to pull out the end block, and then pushing it in in a new location (why don't i have a photo of that? i will take a photo of that. eta: i took 13 photos of that, and made a tutorial). anyway even with shortened zippers and smaller pockets, there is just no room for all the pockets the originals have on the legs.

anyway, close enough!

i've stay-stitched where the zips will go, and slashed the openings. just to keep everything sorted, i laid out the pieces with the zips and pockets pinned on, just to make sure i have everything i need.

... and i sewed on the name badge. these are really starting to turn in to something! i'm pretty excited. the kiddo is pretty excited, too.

now... how am i going to attach the hose to the leg? i need some sort of nozzle/grommet/thingy... keeping my eyes open for anything that might work. the lid from a sport-style water bottle, maybe? hmmm. will keep my eyes peeled on garbage night.

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