ghostbusters costume: proton pack! part 1

step one is the plans. i started by looking at a lot of pictures of proton packs, as well as some plans from gbfans. i printed out one of their pdfs, and scribbled a few notes on it for clarity (because i am not accustomed to looking at proton pack plans, and i couldn't tell what was what).

then i said to myself, how can i make this a functional backpack? what's crucial? what can be changed, but still leave it looking like a proton pack?

and then i drew up some more plans.

it's basically a sewing pattern at this point. or, an idea for one.

next, i took my basic pattern and traced/sketched on what it might look like if i "decorated" it like a proton pack, basically adding the remaining elements as appliques.

the heavy outline shows "structural" seams. the lighter outlines indicate embellishments.

then, i got my materials. i had bought a metre of black poly twill for this, but in my closet i had the piece de resistance: a broken backpack.

the thing about kids and backpacks is, kids are small. backpacks are big. i've seen kids who practically need to walk tiptoe to keep their backpacks off the ground. so when the kiddo was starting jk, tg got him an appropriately kid-sized backpack.

except, you couldn't fit much of anything inside. it was stuffed to the gills and beyond, and it wasn't long before it was torn and all the zippers broken. unusable.

but, the straps will work for me nicely. lots of usable stuff here. the inner pocket for example; will be easy to transfer that straight over.

so, i dismantled it.

there are lots of useful bits and bobs on this thing, including the main fabric itself - it's sort of rubberized, i guess to make it waterproofish, but the rubbery side is kind of neat. i decided to use both sides of the fabric in the embellishments, just to have a variety of textures.

then the fun part.

using my sketches as a guide, i started placing and cutting shapes and stuff, moving bits around to get a feel for how it all will look.

i think it's gonna look awesome.

i've got some ideas in store for the cables and whatnot, too. i just wish the led spoke lights i planned to use for the back round thing weren't sold out! major sighs.

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