ghostbusters costume: the "no ghost" badge

i need to tidy this up a bit, but for now i'm done. it's late.

first i went to gb fans for pics of the original badge. i adjusted it to be the size i wanted, and then i used the dumb "autoshapes" function in ms word to make the outline of the red circle, then i roughly traced the ghost in place, adjusting for the fabric wrinkles and whatnot.

looks all right, doesn't he?

i traced him onto a scrap of fabric left over from some curtains (i thought it had enough heft) using a red fabric marker i happened to have on hand. why do i happen to have all of this stuff on hand? i really need to declutter. anyway.

then, i went to town with my old elna supermatic. i've never done machine embroidery before, have no idea how to do it properly, and no special attachments. but it's not terrible? i feel i could do better, but it's also for a 6-year-old who isn't such a stickler for that kind of detail, so i think it'll do.

and now i'm going to sleep!

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