ghostbusters costume: the hose connector thing

after much futzing about and rooting through old stuff (i have too much stuff!) i came across a couple of pieces of "elephant skin" lino for doing linocut prints. i bought this stuff ten years ago or possibly more. maybe someday, i will do the linocuts. meanwhile, it's a great colour and carvable. so, i decided to see what i could do to fashion a hose connector thing out of it.

that's one of these, the bit that connects the hose to the left thigh of the flightsuit.

i had some aquarium hose, and a thing that it fit onto, to use as a starting point.

i cut the thing-it-fit-onto - some sort of aquarium filter piece thing (again, we have too much stuff!) down to size, leaving the "flare" so i could securely attach it into the hose connector thing.

since the lino is not terribly thick, i had to glue bits together to get tomething close to what i wanted. the leg hose connector itself is made of stacked rings, glued together with some all-purpose adhesive i found in my toolbox.

i glued together the two large base pieces and the two smaller nozzle pieces separately, so i could mess around with the fit of everything, and also to make it easier to sand the edges, which were pretty uneven.

i clamped the whole lot together while the glue dried.

then, slip the hose through, and voila! ready to be sewn onto the leg of the flightsuit.

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