ghostbusters costume: elbow pads and belt

well i got all these pots ready and scheduled over the weekend, but this one was unfinished. i figured i'd have had time to finish the items & photogrpah them by now.


instead, i was in hospital for a few days with appendicitis. booo.

i did manage to finish the elbow pads in the er waiting room, actually, but haven't photographed them (and am not entirely sure where they are... trunk of the car maybe?)

anyway my starting point was a size massive polo shirt in a shade of grey i thought would work:

i cut the pieces out from the back of the shirt and sleeves. amazing how much shirt is left! i even used some of it for stuffing the elbow pads.

the good news is, the saturday morning event that kiddo was going to wear it to? cancelled. and sunday morning is probably cancelled, too, only because i can't drive while looped. so, the deadline has returned to hallowe'en proper.

three cheers for extra time!

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