my summer vacation day one: embroidery

fair entries are due in on friday, and i've got a few ready to go but a few last things i need to finish (mainly buttons) and a few i need to start (mainly baking).

one of the "to be started" items is embroidered tea towels. well, even just one.

i did start a bit before leaving the town. which is to say, i pre-shrunk the fabric, cut it to size, and hemmed the ends. but, no actual embroidery.

in fact, i hadn't even really decided what i wanted to do.

i was thinking dandilion clocks, but there's the issue of grey-on-white not being easy to see, and the leaves standing out more than anything.

then i thought of trillums, which also grow around the cottage, and which i could arrange so that green leaves serve as backdrop for white petals. but a truly pleasing arrangement didn't present itself.

then i thought, maybe something borrowed from the cottage curtains fabric, but that seemed a bit too desperately matchy-matchy.

but - looking at the fabric - maybe just oak leaves?

then i stumbled across a book called an introduction to nature: birds, wildflowers, trees and had a flip through, and found a nice illustration to start from.

now i'm thinking, the other three tea towels could maybe be other trees that grow around the cottage - maple, sumac, butternut!

n.b. these summer vacation posts are one week delayed as the cottage is delightfully free of electronics!

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