my summer vacation day four: corn on the cob on the fire

back to gorgeous weather, hooray! another great day for outdoor cookery.

tonight's dinner featured farm-fresh corn on the cob, green beans, and sausages - just free-run pork seasoned with salt and pepper. to cook a thick sausage on an open fire can be a bit tricky, but they were just perfect due to constant tending and frequent turning. i set myself up with a little chair, the new york times sunday crossword, and a gin and tonic, and didn't take my eyes off them.

i felt very "60s housewife," cooking with a cocktail in lime-green checked pedal-pushers.

our basic recipe for corn on the cob is to simply take off the outer dry husks, but for the inner soft husks, peel back while leaving them attached. then, brush the kernels all over with olive oil, and smooth the husks back around the kernels, tying in place with a strip of the husk that was removed. this keeps the corn moist as it cooks, but when the husks start to unravel and burn away a bit during cooking, you get a few nice golden spots on the corn, too.

n.b. these summer vacation posts are one week delayed as the cottage is delightfully free of electronics!

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