it suddenly hit me that our cottage trip is a week away, and that means it is past time to get ready for the fair! i have some projects i plan to work on up there - a scarf, a tea cosy - and some i plan to work on up there that will require some machine sewing first. like, hemming the edge of the tea towels i intend to embroider. i feel like embroidering tea towels and knitting a tea cosy are very cottage-appropriate, somehow...

first, here's the finished, folded, labelled, ready to go pile - seven items - just so i feel a leetle bit accomplished instead of totally overwhelmed:

and here's some stuff basically done, being blocked:

here's some lace being blocked, i just need to make the pillow case it will be trimming (one of my must-do machine-sewing projects):

and here's a scarf-in-progress:

i also have an item to add to the geronimo stilton costume, pyjamas to make, and there will be much baking when we're up there... can't wait!

but for now, i'm going to spend some quality time with my supermatic and ace in the hole to keep me company.

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