sick week productivity

ok, it is next to impossible to be productive when sick. i can barely think enough to read. fortunately, i can think enough to knit plain stockinette in the round!

so here's my sick week output:

purple zigzaggy cardigan - done.

misc winter knits - washed and blocked.

list of potential & completed entries into fenelon fair (includes above cardigan & winter knits) - started.

mindless gazing at knitting patterns for potential stash-busting projects - started yes, finished never.

here's a list of what's done & ready for the fair, which is generally the big finale of our cottage week:

  • costume - hand made for a child
  • children's pullover - plain knit
  • ladies' cardigan - knit
  • ladies' pullover - knit
  • ladies' mitts
  • men's scarf

shockingly, there is no shawl category.

and here's my aspirational list of things i'd like to do & enter:

  • children's sleepwear
  • children's mitts - knit
  • children's article of clothing - (other than listed above)
  • ladies' fancy crochet or knit sweater
  • ladies' any clothing article (sewn)
  • tea towel (1) thread embroidery
  • tea cozy
  • pillow case (1) lace trim
  • scented sachet
  • christmas tree decoration (3) different
  • christmas table runner
  • christmas gift wrapped box (not to exceed 12")
  • christmas toy
  • strawberry jam
  • other culinary items tbd

come august, we can all look back on this and laugh!

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