i want this dress!

it's a secretary from duck soup!

and i actually have a pattern which is similar... actually, it's an evadress pattern for a pair of dresses, and i think the sleeves of one plus the bow of the other might be it.

lots of other gorgeous dresses in duck soup:

but realistically i am more likely to dress like the secretary than the dancer/spy (check out those bias sequins)! or, the ever wonderful margaret dumont.


  1. Oh a post about fashion in Duck Soup, I must be in heaven! I just wanted to add that I love those little woman's shoes by the bed at the end of Harpo's ride through town. If shoes could look like rosettes.

    1. yes! love vintage shoes. sadly though my feet are a 9 1/2 or 10, i think that anyone with feet my size was subjected to the firing squad. that would explain why any time i see lovely 1930s shoes, they are teeny teeny tiny, even though i can find dresses to fit!