cupcakes for spring!

we used to make these when i was a kid - vanilla cupcakes with butter frosting, decorated with flowers made of mini fruit-flavoured marshmallows cut in half. kiddo did all of the putting-cupcake-papers-in-the-tin, some of the stirring, most of the marshmallow-cutting, and a few of the flowers.

the recipe, of course, is from the much-beloved cake and cooky cookbook.

on saturday meanwhile, i baked this yummy mocha cake for dinner with my in-laws. was very glad to be invited there for dinner, as i'd just found this mocha cake recipe i wanted to try, but the kiddo and i already had plans to make the cupcakes, and i was having trouble justifying making that much cake.

it's all as good as gone though! mocha cake got gobbled up at dinner, cupcakes have been delivered to the neighbours and some are set aside for my coworkers tomorrow. easy come, easy go.

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