boring manly scarf

this is the most boring pattern ever.

easy peasy (that looks misspelled no matter how i type it), but very tedious. so tedious, it took me two years to complete, because i was just so bored. in fact the person it was going to be given to is no longer part of our family. i really like the look of it - very tailored, almost like a heavy woven herringbone - so after all my bored suffering, i am going to keep it for my manly self!

the main thing is that it's done. finishing what i started is my new year's resolution for 2013.

and now the pattern is yours, free! if you're on ravelry, you'll find it here.

yarn: 2 skeins briggs & little heritage
needles: 5mm straights (n.b. i used 4mm because i always go down a size)
crochet hook
finished measurements: 6" wide by 6' long (not counting fringe)
cut 56 lengths of yarn, each about 9" long. i did this by folding a magazine (i used the guardian weekly) in half lengthwise, wrapping yarn around 28 times, and then cutting along one side. set these aside for later.
co 28 sts
rows 1 & 2: *k3, p1, repeat from * to end of row
rows 3 & 4: k1, p1, *k3, p1, repeat from * to end of row
continue working in pattern until you run out of yarn, or the scarf is as long as you are tall, or you can't stand the boredom. bo.
use the remaining 9" pieces of yarn to create a fringe at each end. easiest way is to fold a piece in half, use a crochet hook to pull a little loop through the end of the scarf, then pull the ends through.
obviously this is very easy to make longer or wider should you choose to. if widening, cast on extra sts in multiples of 4, and cut two extra lengths of fringe for every stitch you add.

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