a word of advice on bay window seats

ever since i posted about building my bay window seat, it's been a popular search term here. more specifically, people have been searching for "bay window seat dimensions."

you can't search for bay window seat dimensions.

unless, of course, you are building a house from scratch, and wondering how big to make your bay window so that it will be right-sized for a comfy seat.

if however you already have a bay window, and want to build a seat in it, you need to measure what you've got. they're all different, every last one. and if you have an older home - the kind more likely to have a big ol' bay window just crying out for a bay window seat - your bay window is likely to be just a little bit wonky, due to the settling of the house over time and whatnot.

you cannot look this stuff up!

that said, if anyone is building a house from scratch and does want to know the particular dimensions of my particular window seat, it's 90" wide, 22" inches deep, and the seat is 22" off the ground. each triangly bit is 30" wide, and the middle rectangly bit is 30" wide as well. if someone would care to drop off some high-density foam that fits these dimensions so i can finally make the cushion to go on the top, i'd be most grateful.

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