hallowe'en count down: 8 days

had a semi-productive sick day today. there's only so much you can do witha sinus headache, but i dug out my pattern and fabric and cut out the pieces for geronimo stilton's suit, and picked up where i'd left off with his head.

i'd gotten the idea to use plastic cut from a laundry detergent bottle to stiffen his ears. but i got the idea after sewing them up and finding they were a bit floppy. so today, i took on the mindless task of picking out the stitches, inserting the plastic, and then re-sewing, and then sewing them on to the head.

hand-sewing is good sick-day work. i curled up on the sofa with a glass of milk, a piece of buttered toast, and the trotsky. which i quite enjoyed, despite some awkward lines. i was a little disappointed in colm feore (maybe because my expectations from him are always so high?); genevieve bujold was awesome. as coming of age films go, it was definitely a bit of all right.

anyway i had got the head mostly done on the weekend. actually i'd drafted the pattern and cut out the fabric ages ago, but when the kiddo got sniffy about it not being the right shade of brown, i lost a bit of motivation. also, was busy making thanksgiving desserts, and craft fair stuff (some of which you can see in my etsy shop). hallowe'en kept getting pushed back. next year i'll be smart and do the hallowe'en stuff in july.

note: it is hard to take a picture of oneself wearing a mousehead. just awkward. but soon it will be all done and i can take a proper pic of the whole costume!

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