getting ready...

so one of the things i wanted to do for the craft fair was t-shirts - they're something easy for people to pick up. but i didn't want to make them all the way from scratch - neckline ribbing is annoying to do, and i didn't see fabric cheap enough to make it feasible. no one is going to spend $50 on a kid's t-shirt.

so on the weekend, i found some cheap 5 for $10 adult-sized t-shirts in chinatown, some light grey heather, some dark grey heather. i started on them yesterday by dying half of them green and half blue:

doesn't show up great in this picture (too early in the day yet for natural light!) but they have a nice heathery look to the colours. next will be chopping them up (preserving the neckline for laziness) and making kids' shirts out of them. scraps will be used for things like lining ties.

finally will come the stencilling. i have (what i think is) a pretty cool idea for an illustration. i'm excited!

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