another sick day

i feel like i have had a creature lodged in my sinus cavity behind my eyes for the past week, and it has finally won the battle for supremacy in my head. body aches, mild nausea, sore throat, pick a symptom and i've got it. last night i had a lovely neo-citran and am tempted to do that again but afraid i'll fall asleep and miss picking up my son at lunch!

and today is an important day. for today his afternoon preschool program is having their hallowe'en party! so i will bring his costume & dress him up before i take him over there. pics to follow. i hope the jacket fits all right, i haven't had a chance to try it on him. eep!

meanwhile, we're supposed to bring a snack or something to share with the kiddies. i was going to just bring something prefab, but since i'm home, i've dug up a muffin recipe that looks fairly low-effort. roasting a squash from the garden for it as we speak.

and now, i think it is time to retire to the chesterfield with another episode of brideshead revisited and a pot of tea!

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