still with the cherries, and something more ridiculous

i'm on day five of the glace cherries recipe. soon, soon! just did my first boil of the cherries, here they are waiting for their syrup for a 12-hour soak:

another thing i'm starting tonight: piecaken. i first heard of it from a co-worker, a few months ago. then, he was hit by a car, and injured badly. i promised him a piecaken on his return to work. so today, the buzz in the office was rob's return, and i asked "when is his first day back?" and was told this friday. eep! so pastry for pies is in the fridge resting, after dinner i'll run out and get some cherries & peaches and get the pies baked tonight. tomorrow, the cakes. friday morning, assemble, then drive to work. departmental meeting at 10 o'clock. yikes!

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