piecaken: part 3

this morning i had the task of icing and assembling. i started by making a double-batch of classic vanilla frosting, and then went to the cakes. they were a little sad looking, the chocolate one was awfully sunken in.

when i went to move it to a plate for assembly, i discovered the awful truth - due to the fundamental structural instability of the thing, the middle had glopped right through the rack it was cooling on, and straight onto the counter! argh. i scooped up the overflow, stuck it back where it belonged as best i could, and covered all flaws with frosting. all hail frosting.

didn't have a decent camera at work, so my only photo of the inside is a quite poor mobile snap. but you get the idea! a coworker estimated it's 600 calories a slice. he had two. so did i. then i felt ill.

recipe to come tomorrow once i have recovered!

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