piecaken: part 2

next time i get one of these crazy ideas, please stop me. i'm always biting off more than i can chew.

so this morning i got up, had a shower, made lunches for the kiddo & me, got breakfast, biked to work by 8 o'clock, left for lunch at 11 o'clock so i could bike over to the school to pick up the kiddo from kindergarten and take him to afternoon pre-school, then back to work for 1 o'clock, found out about a new last-minute horrible work thing i need to get done for monday, worked on that, emailed it to myself at home to work on more, biked to the preschool, picked up the kid, rode him home, did the final step in the glace cherries, made a lasagna from scratch, worked on a jigsaw puzzle with the kid (fine motor skills + hopefully helping with his tendency to make his letters flipped or rotated), ate lasagna with family, started makind cake batter, went upstairs to get the kiddo to brush his teeth and discovered an "accident," got mop, offered encouragement & training in how to mop, re-mopped myself for effectiveness, brushed the teeth, bathed the kiddo, read him a story, finished cake batter, put cakes in oven, dialled in to national conference call for non-profit group, took cakes out of oven, allowed to cool, flipped one out onto a rack and realised that it is still bloody liquidy on the bottom, argh, returned cake to pan (not easy) and thence to oven, texted husband to ask to get sugar at 24-hour grocery since i used it all up on the cherries and don't have any left for frosting, etc. etc. etc...

you can tell the vanilla/peach is the one i flipped onto the rack. sigh. we can fix it in post. aka icing.

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  1. I remember days like this.....I admire you though!