piecaken: part 1

i need to bring a piecaken to work tomorrow! and only really figured it out yesterday. oops. so last night, i made pies.

it was a comedy of errors really, since i went out to buy peaches and cherries, and realised i was out of gas, and got gas next door to sobey's and thought "i should just go there but i don't want to," and went to fiesta farms but they didn't have cherries (even though they had them last week!), so went back to sobey's but they didn't have cherries, so i went to loblaws which i hate more than anything and they didn't have cherries, so i said "whatever, i'll get them in a jar or something," grabbed my peaches, was on the way to look for cherries when i remembered i needed smaller pie plates, and loblaws didn't have any! do went back to fiesta farms. hate the world.

but, pie.

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