thinking about hallowe'en

can't believe school starts next week - a million things to do, including a craft fair to prepare for, but all i can think about is hallowe'en!

the kiddo is currently crazy for geronimo stilton, and since we discovered him about 3 weeks ago has read literally dozens of books in the series. so when i asked him if he would like to be geronimo stilton for hallowe'en, he was super excited! me, i'm thinking i can adapt the head pattern from his old snapping turtle costume (already started on that), use up a velvety brown remnant that turned out to be too small to make the cushions i was hoping for, and get the kid into a suit. yay.

i am pretty sure i have a boys' suit pattern at home (note to self: check that!), and googling tie patterns, i just found this brilliant printable pattern from purl soho (same place i bought the fabric for the kiddo's quilt!). i bet i have some red fabric that i can use up too!

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