i find myself with an unexpected weekend home alone. lovely solitude! just me and the radio, haven't even looked at the internet till now, haven't answered the phone.

i spent most of yesterday doing a jigsaw puzzle. tidied up the kitchen a bit, made blackout liners for the bedroom curtains (finally!!), ate cake for dinner, finished the kiddo's xmas pyjamas, as well as pyjama pants for myself & tg - tops to come later, but there are categories at the fenelon fair for ladies' and men's "sleep pants" and fair entries are my priority at the moment. i now have 5 entries done and tagged! yay.

also watched the last time i saw paris - a bit melodramatic. curious to read the book, surely fitzgerald couldn't be quite so facile - and there had to have been more to charlie's relationship with marian. and i have to say, it's a good thing helen (liz taylor as a gorgeous young thing) never visited canada, she would have died on the spot. but oh, would i love to have her wardrobe! van johnson was a bit of a stick, but it was neat to see roger moore - before maverick, before the saint, well before james bond.

now, with this blog post, i feel i've done my socializing for the day and will go hibernate a while more!

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