my weekend off

a few pics of what i did with a weekend to myself!

first: finished the kiddo's xmas pjs, and made pj bottoms for tg & me. all tagged and ready to go to the fair. why yes, i am making coordinating jimjams for the family for xmas, that's completely normal.

next: hung pictures! some had frames, some needed frames. there are also a couple of prints - an a.j. casson that was a wedding present, and paintings from cardiff and devon. n.b. it's hard to take a photo of a long wall in a narrow hall.

then i cut my hair! took maybe 10 minutes in the bathroom mirror. there are a few sticky-outy bits i need to fix tonight.

here are pics of my other ready-to-go fair entries. in the category of "child's cardigan," the space invaders cowachin for the kiddo:

and in the catgory of "infant's dress, knitted" (this one needs a pressing):

i also did a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle, cleaned the bathroom thoroughly, and tidied up the kitchen a bit. whew! but i am sorry to say that even in a dark room with newly-lined curtains, i still wake up at 5 o'clock. boooo.

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