rainy-day ttc knitting

a rainy day today, so i rode the bus and brought my knitting!

didn't do any knitting, mind; last night, i finished the first sleeve of the invadin ur space cardigan i posted about yesterday. while watching forbidden planet, no less. sometimes it's difficult when watching an old film to let go of the commentary and actually just watch it. so instead of just watching, we had fun experiencing it as an artifact.

look how young leslie nielsen is!
check out the painted backdrops!
the electronic tonalities are beyond crazy!
can you believe that robot cost $125,000!
... and on, and on, and on. anyway.

my point was, i couldn't knit this morning as i needed a chart. so instead of knitting, i brought a printout of a blank sleeve chart, and a picture of the beastie i wanted on the sleeve, and charted him up on the bus.

a cleverer person would have printed these things out to the correct scale, held the papers against the window, and traced. i sadly am not that well-organised and was already on the bus when i realised it wouldn't be that simple.

in any case, the chart is done, and i'm ready to cast on!

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