house is a mess, but i am busy...

caught up with 8 eps of mad men on the train last week, and started strategising for the fenelon fair. i went through the prize list, made a list of everything that made me think "oh, i'd like to do that," and then ordered it by done-ness/doability.

2 sections are already covered (child's cardigan - the space invaders cardi for the kiddo; and infant's knitted dress - the daisy dress i started eons ago but never actually finished until a month or two ago). those, believe it or not, are already tagged with sample materials attached. whoo!

next, are the half-started projects, the xmas pyjamas that were already cut and pinned, the "ladies sleep pants" (aka pj bottoms) i'd already bought fabric for, a child's top-and-shorts set i'd been meaning to make and had fabric for, etc. since i started focussing on this a few days ago, i've got the xmas pjs thisclose to done, have cut out the fabric for the sleep pants (actually a whole set of pjs), and cut and pinned the top-and-shorts. there are more projects on this list too, that i've already had in mind to the point of having bought the materials.

the next category is the pipe dreams. sure, i'd like to make a quilt. and there will by xmas decorations made, i could just make them early. ha, ha, ha.

final category is baked goods that i won't worry about till the week of.

i see ribbons in my future!

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