a long, long, time

i just checked in at ravelry, and realised i hadn't updated anything there in a long, long time... two baby cardigans have moved from wip to fo (one almost two months ago), and i have re-awakened a cowichan-style cardigan project for the kiddo, which i set aside sometime before xmas so i could concentrate on the one i made for my husband.

the fronts and backs of "invadin ur space" are done, following the videogame theme, and on the weekend i joined the shoulder seams and added the collar. last night i charted the sleeve pattern. i wanted something a little different from the all-over aliens pattern of the body, so i took my inspiration from this photo i found on wikimedia commons, taken by billy hicks at an amusement arcade in lyme regis. it's a japanese space invaders arcade cabinet, and i charted one of the alien gorilla beasties for the sleeve. not sure yet whether the second sleeve will be a mirror image, or different beastie.

A Japanese Space Invaders arcade cabinet (though the game itself is a 1980 bootleg called Super Earth Invasion) at an amusement arcade in Lyme Regis, Devon. Although there for many years, it was removed at some point between 2007 and 2008. Image taken with disposable camera. by Billy Hicks

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