and it was all yellow

so watching bye bye birdie the other day made me fall in love with yellow all over again. everyone was wearing yellow in that film - from ann margret's iconic dress from the opening sequence, to janet leigh's fringed number (and her brassiere), to various minor characters (including the little brother's pyjamas).

it's like a breath of fresh air, all fluffy sweetness and light, combined with the lovely silhouette of that era, probably the last year with a hint of dior's new look before mod took over.

so of course i wanted a taste of that, and took advantage of a rare day for myself, and pulled out the elna supermatic. i had bought some yellow gingham a while ago with the intention of making myself a summery ensemble, and the day had come!

now, i know i have more sewing patterns "somewhere" but of course no simple blouse pattern was presenting itself, so i drafted one. and i am pleased to say, it fit perfectly with no alterations required!

usually i fall prey to some form of body dysmorphia and over-compensation and over-compensation for over-compensation, which requires some taking in or disturbingly misplaced darts. but this time i got it right. even the collar sits perfectly. yay!

and lots of nice compliments when i wore it to work the next day.

think i'll be making another blouse or too from this pattern. i'm very keen on the "sleeveless/short-sleeved blouse under a cardigan" look, lately. a bit prim, but that is fine.

i also made a half-circle skirt to go with - the effect of a shirtwaist dress, but more practical/versatile for me. i love the half-circle cut. and it is easy easy to do. and somewhat more wearable than a full circle! because the gingham is such a lightweight fabric, it's fully lined in cotton muslin.

more buttery birdie loveliess:

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  1. Love it! You look so fresh and spring-like! Totally making me jealous for more sewing time, but I need to lose extra baby weight before start cutting into any of my fabric.