curly-writing cookies

so the kiddo asked me a week or two to show him how to read curly writing. he doesn't entirely understand that it's the same letters written a different way (i.e. he'll see a printed word and say "how do you spell that in curly writing?") but i thought cookies would be a fun way to learn the concept of making a letter out of a single line (or rope of cookie dough). also, cookies.

curly-writing cookies

these are just plain sugar cookies from the much-loved "cake and cooky cookbook" published by family circle 50 or 60 years ago. some are a bit thicker than others, so some needed a bit more baking than others. and someone lost interest in curly writing and just rolled out the dough with his very own rolling pin. they're tasty either way!

kiddo with his milk mustache

he doesn't have his own apron (yet), so he's wearing my old craft smock from when i was his age. my mother made it for me, same dark green as a chalkboard, with white bias trim and my name embroidered on the pocket!

sugar cookies recipe

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