positive reinforcement

i was out last night and missed bedtime, so when i got home i asked my husband if the kiddo liked his new pyjamas.

"he flipped out. he went on and on about how awesome they are. seriously."

i assumed he was exaggerating (or perhaps humouring me!) but this morning the kiddo came into our room and completely umprompted told me how much he loves his new pyjamas, how cozy they are, how he was so cozy he slept all night long and didn't get up even once to turn on the light.

there's nothing like an appreciative audience! yay.

mind you, i still had no luck getting a snap of him wearing them. oh he was willing to pose, but said we had to include his car so he could send it to the lego magazine:

i asked if we could take another one where he was standing up so i could see the pyjamas and he said "ok, but i want to try hiding my smile."

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