home sick means movies! movies! movies!

i am sick sick sick and spending a lot of time draped over the sofa. the alpaca bed jacket has never been more practical. and of course the best thing to do when you're sick is to watch movies! monday was spent with the always charming cary grant.

the bishop's wife had been on my christmas "to watch" list but somehow didn't get watched in december. no matter the timing; it's delightful any time of the year. and is it just me, or did cary grant's ice-skating double look a lot like the rehearsal director in white christmas? i'll have to look into that...

yesterday was the also extremely charming sabrina, by the inimitable billy wilder:

i think i really need to tackle this dress. i have a black linen blend that's been waiting to be made into a summer dress, and i was thinking of something along these general lines, and it has such a lovely shape and lovely details:

meanwhile, i've finally finished this hoodie for the kiddo, complete with duplicate stich embellishment from watermellish. this little plane is called "zoomy." i'd never done dupe-stitch before as it felt like "cheating" - it's not knitting, it's embroidery, and knitting is supposed to be knitting! kind of like when i was struggling to get the bobble nose on the puppyboy hat, and a friend said "why don't you just make it separately and then sew it on." why? because it would be wrong, that's why. and yes, i know that's just silly. anyway, i really liked zoomy, and i really like the watermellish tutorials, and realizing that with dupe-stitch you can make a sort of "higher resolution" picture made me decide that it's not just the poor man's intarsia.

i've also cast on a little hoodie for a new baby! everyone is having babies these days it seems.


  1. Thanks for posting a recommendation for a duplicate stitch tutorial! I've been making some TARDIS socks and didn't want to have the leg tops be too tight, so I figured I would do the windows and call box sign in duplicate stitch, but when I tried it looked so messy I took it out. Now I anticipate success :)

    1. you are most welcome! the most surprising tip for me was to use thinner yarn for the embellishment than you used for the knitting! counter-intuitive but it works.