happy holidays!

what to do on a rainy winter day, when suffering the effects of new year's eve (we weren't home till 4!) along with the effects of a day of hard labour? cookies! this sugar cookie recipe is from the same family circle cook book as the english lace roll ups i made in the spring. the kiddo tried out his new baking set (his current career goal is "police baker") and even got to put the mini cookie sheet in the oven by himself, with some nervous supervision. we took a plate of a dozen across the street to his friend's house. kitchen is now a mess.

and speaking of messes, i've got miles to go on the bay window seat. yesterday the rearrangement of the kiddo's room into something reasonable took precedence. i still have another shelf to build for him, but just could not make myself do it today. those things are heavy. still, his room is not bad at all at the moment. definitely roomier. and that yellow thing in the corner is his new ceiling light!

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